As the Founder of Success Level Ventures, she taps into her diverse experience and expertise to help people harness their true potential in every aspect of their lives, whether achieving greater freedom through gaining control of finances, getting a new business off the ground, building stronger relationships, or improving their health and wellness. From a young age,

Tanisha Marie has had a passion for helping people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. She touches and transforms lives in so many different ways and continues to fulfill what she believes is her life’s purpose. Her own life is a testament to the power of possibility. Through relentless ambition, she was able to overcome the challenges of being a young mother, and after receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York College she started to make her mark on the world.

After working as a social worker for several years, she began to explore other areas of interest including real estate, network marketing and the power of the Internet, all of which would eventually grant her the freedom to follow her entrepreneurial dreams. Over the years, Tanisha Marie has cultivated her many talents in the world of business, and today she is committed to sharing her knowledge so that others can get to the next level, whatever they may be.

Along with one­ on e­one coaching sessions, speaking engagements, workshops and guest blogging, she teaches an online course through her website Success Level Coaching that covers marketing, advertising, list building, social media and other relevant topics. She is the ultimate accountability partner and a supportive mentor. Another sphere that she strongly commands is social media. On YouTube, she has thousands of empowering videos, that gives that push and real advice that everyone needs. On Facebook and Instagram, she also engages her audience with positive and powerful quotes, messages and photos.

Tanisha Marie is an influencer who likes to make an impact. She firmly believes in promoting longevity and making smart choices so that you can feel better everyday. Her latest foray into health and wellness reinforces that commitment and her detox tea, available, on has been life­ changing for her and her customers. When it comes to community involvement, Tanisha Marie is an active participant. She recently launched Global Change Services, a nonprofit organization that partners with the City of New York to help individuals in need find housing.

She is also active with Marriage Ministry, and volunteers her time to speak to students in public schools. Previously, she ran a women’s group, empowering them through weekly conference calls that instilled hope for the future. Tanisha Marie Adjokatcher resides with her family in New York City.

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